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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.

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13 Mar Texas cotton
damian 0 1110
This is a 50 acre field of cotton irrigated with BluSoak. With our standard BluSoak size, you can run up to 500' rows and with the larger size up to 750.' ..
13 Mar Short BluSoak Demo - Using Soaker Hose with a Blumat Automated System
damian 0 1597
BluSoak is the combination of the Blumat automated watering process that has joined forces with the incredible uses of a Soaker Hose / Drip Tape. Soaker Hose is a type of irrigation system that uses a tape with thousands of micro tiny holes in order to slowly and effectively water large areas of soil. Great to use with Row Crops or Large Fabric Po..
13 Mar Mexico Peppers
damian 0 970
This pepper farm in Mexico used subsurface BluSoak. The white on sides of the plants is a poly mulch. From a single water source, BluSoak can take care of rows up to 800' long. Usually though, with rows 200'+, it's good to supply water from both ends. ..
13 Mar Gravity system in Kenya
damian 0 1183
This is a BluSoak system installed by the United Nations in Kenya. Since the rows are so close to the water reservoir, it doesn't need to be that high above the ground. ..
13 Mar Costa Rica Greenhouse
damian 0 1257
Most of the BluSoak in this Costa Rican greenhouse has been in use for more than 25 years. Growing 60 acres of chrysanthemums, they buried the BluSoak deeper than their cultivation and just leave it installed year after year. ..
13 Mar Brazilian coffee grower
damian 0 942
This Brazilian coffee grower quadrupled his harvest because of changing his irrigation system to BluSoak. ..
13 Mar Brazil Lettuce
damian 0 1150
This lettuce growing in Brazil uses BluSoak and water coming from a reservoir, the 55 gallon container on right side of graphic. ..
13 Mar BluSoak Landscaping
damian 0 1162
BluSoak works great for landscaping too as these before-and-after pictures show. You can also use it under sod to irrigate grass lawns. That saves huge amounts of water but there are some tricks you need to follow in order to use it this way. ..
13 Mar BluSoak in comparison to other drip tapes and tubes?
damian 0 1123
How does the BluSoak soaker hose compare to T-Tape, Duraflo, and other kinds of drip tape and tube? 1. Longevity, this tape can last over 20 years. 2. Due to the micro-output holes, there is more even distribution due to the water spreading out much more evenly. 3. Less water use. This system could use 75% less water than what you're using now. ..
13 Mar BluSoak Dispensary
damian 0 1245
This medical marijuana dispensary is using the spiral method of installing BluSoak. We recommend using rows for small plants but spirals like this are better if you let the plants get larger (5-6'+). ..
13 Mar BluSoak Commercial
damian 0 1138
This is a picture one of our customers sent. Not positive but think these are 32' beds. ..
13 Mar BluSoak CapMat system for clones and starts
damian 0 1129
This is BluSoak being used with capillary mat in vertical trays for clones. Karing Kind, Boulder, CO ..
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