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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.

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13 Mar Understanding Greenhouse Irrigation for Cannabis Cultivation
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Posted March 24th, 2017 by Jack Bohannan in the May-June 2017 edition of Professional Marijuana Grower All growers have done it: damaged a plant with erratic watering practices. But for cannabis cultivators, the compromised health of just one or two prized plants can significantly impact the bottom line. Experienced growers rarely let dehydratio..
13 Mar Setting Tips
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1. Put a pipette or eye dropper underwater and into one of the holes on the inside top of the Blumat cap and squeeze out air bubbles. 2. Make sure top not too tight when soaking in water 3. Sometimes the brown tubing can have a “dent” from sitting too long or from the top being tightened down too much. Pull the tubing a little and check for this, ..
13 Mar Run-Aways—how to avoid
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Air Inside - Air can get inside a Blumat for several reasons. This happens most often in a gravity system when we forget to fill the res before the water drops below the output port. That can put air in the supply lines and in a very low pressure system, the air can stop water. And if you wait too long to fill the res, the potting mix or soil can d..
13 Mar Reservoirs in gravity systems
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This way you can automatically refill the res with a pump and timer, a pump and float valve, or a utility water supply and float valve. You could also connect the two tanks with a circulating pump. This has the advantage of keeping the water moving and nutrients well mixed. With systems of over 40 plants though, better to use a pressurizing system ..
13 Mar Placing the Sensors—Fabric vs. Plastic Pots:
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Maxis on the Side: in larger fabric pots (10g+), if you put a Maxi horizontal two inches or so above the bottom, you can use one less carrot than the standard recommendation. It’s good also though to use at least one short carrot so you are sensing the moisture in both the top and bottom halves of the container. More suggestions: the most important..
13 Mar Maintenance
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1.In a gravity system with low pressure, it’s good to open up an air purge valve at the end or middle of the supply line for a few seconds every 2 weeks or so. That will let out any dissolved oxygen in the line and also clear our sediment. In a pressurized system this isn’t as important but still recommended to do every month or so. 2.The little sc..
13 Mar How Perfect Air Drowns Plants – and What to Do About It
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Every cannabis grower knows the perils of improper watering. And most can recall a time or two when they damaged the health of one of their girls through an overzealous watering schedule (or simple forgetfulness). But few recognize the epidemic of ongoing, low-level overwatering – both in at-home amateur grows and larger, automated operations. Mild..
13 Mar How often to recheck and how much to adjust?
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Because we're working with the "power of time," tiny adjustments can make big differences in moisture levels. Sometimes people want to make their soil mix just a little more moist or dry but adjust too much. Then they adjust too much in the other direction and go back and forth between extremes. Usually just moving the top adjustment know 2-3 of th..
13 Mar How Many Plants per Pump System?
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Applying that rule of thumb to how many plants per pump formula, multiply the gpm x 20 (minutes per hour) = gph at this pump rate x 24 = gallons per day pumped without over-stressing the pump. Multiply that # 4 for plants up to 3' tall, x2 for plants 6' plus (assuming 1/4 or 1/2 gallon per day per typical plant use). The above assumes equal waterin..
13 Mar How many carrots per pot?
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The biggest factor is how much capillary action the potting mix has – how much horizontal pull. In a cross cut soil diagram, there is always a kind of pyramid starting from the drip point at the top and spreading out as the moisture goes lower. Some mixes have bigger angles than others. Besides the type of potting mix, moisture also influence capil..
13 Mar Forgot to refill reservoir?
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Probably close to 90% of the problems we trouble-shoot from customers comes from someone forgetting to refill a reservoir and letting the carrots dry out. If you catch it right away, no problem—just refill. If it's taken some time causing air bubbles in the carrot—just refill the carrot and press the potting mix down around it. If the carrot has dr..
13 Mar Digital Blumats
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The Ideal settings for cannabis growing = 120-150 mb in veg, 150-180 in flower; 2-10kPa. For resets, best if ambient temperatures between 72-82° F. The more dense the potting mix, the better connection to ceramic cone and the quicker you can get an accurate reading – often within 5-10 minutes...
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