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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.

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14 Mar Water Conservation
Izzy 0 1910
There is no doubt that the rapidly expanding cannabis market is creating one of the fastest growing industries in the country. According to Forbes, North American sales are projected to top $20.2 billion by 2021 assuming a compound annual growth rate of 25%. This year alone, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states. For recreational use, it is legal..
14 Mar Using Less Water Saves You Money, Energy, and Even Your Plants!
damian 0 2029
Sensible Heat vs. Latent Heat An air conditioning system's 'heat load’ comprises of two components: Sensible Heat and Latent Heat. Understanding the difference between these two types of heat (energy transfer) can make a huge difference when it comes to properly caring for and growing plants. Sensible Heat: Sensible heat causes a change in overal..
13 Mar Understanding Greenhouse Irrigation for Cannabis Cultivation
damian 0 2112
Posted March 24th, 2017 by Jack Bohannan in the May-June 2017 edition of Professional Marijuana Grower All growers have done it: damaged a plant with erratic watering practices. But for cannabis cultivators, the compromised health of just one or two prized plants can significantly impact the bottom line. Experienced growers rarely let dehydratio..
13 Mar How Perfect Air Drowns Plants – and What to Do About It
damian 0 1701
Every cannabis grower knows the perils of improper watering. And most can recall a time or two when they damaged the health of one of their girls through an overzealous watering schedule (or simple forgetfulness). But few recognize the epidemic of ongoing, low-level overwatering – both in at-home amateur grows and larger, automated operations. Mild..
13 Mar Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast
damian 0 1013
Watering and irrigation is one of the least appreciated aspects of gardening that has such an incredible impact on the health and growth of your plants. This podcast interviewing Steve Troy - the North American distributor of Blumats, goes into the history to how Blumats in the U.S began, how they work and the advantages these systems bring to your..
13 Mar Blumat Capillary Mat Systems
damian 0 2013
Blumat Capillary Mat Systems If you are simply looking to get your seedlings started, or even just looking for a more controlled watering method, the Blumat Capillary Mat System may be able to help. More than just water efficiency, these systems can save large costs in labor, fertilizer and pesticide use, as well as shorten production time. Along w..
13 Mar A Hidden Killer: The Chain Reaction of Over-Watering
damian 0 1293
Every cannabis grower knows the perils of improper watering. Most can recall a time or two when they damaged the health of one of their plants through an overzealous watering schedule or simple forgetfulness. But few recognize the epidemic of ongoing, low-level over-watering. Mild over-watering is hard to detect. It doesn’t necessarily cause leaf d..
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