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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.


The Tropf (tropf is Austrian for drip) Blumat has become the ideal watering method for growing in greenhouses, for indoor gardening, on decks and in planter boxes, as well as for certain kinds of outdoor plants. It's the evolution of drip irrigation.

One of the best ways to water - automatically give your plants moisture when they need it but not too much.

Blumats work like using a timer but don't have the timer disadvantage of over-watering when weather conditions change or under-watering when plant conditions change. They sense the soil moisture level and based on that supply more or less water.

  • Take the guess-work out of watering your plants
    • Maintains the ideal moisture level for each plant
    • Automatically stops the watering when soil moisture reaches your adjusted setting
    • Automatically turns the water back on when soil or potting mix reaches your preset level
    • Automatically changes when plants grow faster or slower, it rains, gets hotter, windy, colder, or humidity changes
    • More accurate than expensive irrigation timers because each individual plant monitored – not an entire zone
    • Saves huge amounts of time
    • Go on vacation without worrying about your plants
    • While at home, use the extra time to:
      • Grow more plants
      • Cultivate and top dress your soil
      • Watch for pests and plant problems you can solve more easily by catching sooner
  • Perfect for hard-to-water locations
    • Quickly solves the challenge of watering hanging plants – you can run Blumat line 30’ higher than the water source
    • Makes watering planter boxes on balconies easy and fast
    • Simple to add a tiny, almost unnoticeable water line to a location far from your irrigation lines
  • Saves Natural Resources
    • Saves huge amounts of water being wasted
    • Stops wasting expensive fertilizers that wash away with over-watering
    • Saves the waste of “throw-away” components that easily clog or break – Blumats last for years and years
    • Saves power generation and pollution – Blumats don’t need any electricity or batteries!
  • Plants Grow Better
    • Plant growth momentum not stopped by too much or not enough moisture
    •  Too much water squeezes out important soil air pockets that let plants “breathe”
    • Not enough water kills small, sensitive feeder roots
    • Too much or not enough harm beneficial microbes that keep soil alive and vital
    • The slow drip lets water in main lines warm up in the sun
    •  Plants don’t get a cold shock that stunts growth and health
    • Nurtures the conditions for plants to achieve their most healthy, thriving, and productive potential
    • Produces higher yields and quality
  • Easy to Install
    • All you need is a pair of scissors!
    • Simple and quick to expand or change
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