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Spring is coming! Start the season off right with a non-electric, water-saving Blumat irrigation system!

Blumat 3mm 4-way Cross

Blumat 3mm 4-way Cross
Blumat 3mm 4-way Cross
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Make cross connections in 3mm line. You can use these to send distribution drippers in different directions rather than in a straight line. You can also use them as a more economical distribution method instead of using the drippers. Just cut equal lenghts of 3mm tubing and spread them around. This requires more maintenance because roots can grow into the tubing but it does save some dollars. This would be our "Economy" design suggestion. The "Mid-Range" version would use the drippers and the "Deluxe" suggestion would be to use more Blumat carrots. This is more expensive but gives you redundancy rather than having all the eggs in one basket.

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