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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.


Home gardens increase sustainability and help improve mental health.  Our BluKits and irrigation systems keep your plants healthy, save time and water, andwith little setup or maintenancemaintain even and consistent soil moisture levelsno matter what the weather does!  We have decades of experience designing the most simple and efficient systems to care for your favorite plants. 

Use one of our pre-designed kits, or request a free quote for any type/size of garden.

Don't feel like filling out a form?  Call our office at 303.998.1323—our professionals would be glad to create a custom design for your garden.

Product Code:: IG17313
Kit includes all parts needed to set up a drip kit for a 400 gallon fabric pot of living soil.  Kit contains:1x BluSoak tape fitting with Sensor set, Maxi1x BluSoak tape fitting with 5" Sensor26x feet BluSoak Mega Drip Tape8x BluSoak Mega Stakes2x Tropf Maxi Blumat Sensors (long)6x Blumat ..
Product Code:: IG16994
Already have a gravity or pressure system in place? Then all you need is this extensions kit! The extension kit was designed for systems that already had a water source connected, and all you need the actual watering system for the beds. This particular kit covers a 4' x 8' bed with the ideal amount..
Product Code:: IG16999
This system is designed for a living soil 4x8 bed. Specifically for a Pressure system.  It will automatically and ideally water a 4' x 8' living soil bed from a pressurized water line.This kit includes:1x Blumat Tropf Maxi 9" Sensor3x Blumat Tropf 5" Sensor2x BluSoak Tape to 3mm Adapter4x Bluma..
Product Code:: IG16998
This kit is for a 4x8 bed. Specifically for a gravity Blumat system. This kit includes:IG16292 BluSoak tape fitting w/Sensor Set, 5" Sensor (1) IG16341 BluSoak tape fitting w/Sensor Set, Maxi (1) IG15557 Blumat Distribution Drippers - bulk (4) IG15558 Blumat Distribution Drippers -End piece - bulk (..
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