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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.

Houseplant Kits

Our indoor kits utilize Blumat Juniors. Unlike standard Blumats, Blumat Juniors siphon water from a nearby source (a bowl or cup) and gradually water your plants at a desired level. Watch your indoor plants blossom and fluorish like you've never seen before using our indoor kits. Blumats don't use power or electricity, just science.

Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG15693
Our indoor kit features six Blumat Juniors. Blumat Juniors ensure a constant supply of water to your indoor plants. They automatically supply just the right amount - never too much or too little. Your plants won't experience any drying out that stunts growth or over-watering that squeezes the ai..
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG14610
Extend the reach of your Blumat Juniors. Sometimes, it's best to have your water source further away from your plants than the 33" that comes with Blumat Juniors. This little kit offers 10 additional feet of tubing plus 2 coupling and a tee. The couplings allow you to extend your watering range and ..
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