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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.


Product Code:: IG16217
Manometers (IG16217): Use this manometer at the end of your water supply lines in gravity systems to make sure there is enough pressure and to adjust carrots for maximum flow rate. Water should go up 4'-5' in the clear tube with carrots all the way open. (Then adjust down to normal setting.) This..
Product Code:: GH15732
Easy Air Space!- Raises your pots off the floor- Evaporates condensation- Increases oxygen to the roots- Protects your floor from moisture- Improves drainage- Cut to any size with scissorsIf you're using fabric pots because you understand the benefits of air pruning, you've probably been experimenti..
Brand: Green China Direct Product Code:: FE15731
A deluxe canvass grower's bag just right for holding and carrying your Blumat equipment. You can even put a 5 gallon water bucked in it with soaking Blumat carrots and still have room for tools, grow bags, fittings, and lunch! It's strong, big - 21" wide by 14" tall - and has 5 large pockets and str..
Product Code:: HC15857
m, easy to mount, quiet, and moves an amazing amount of air..
Product Code:: GA17003
The microBIOMETER® 3 Test Sample Kit includes the following:1 - Reusable Whisker3- Extraction vials with reagent components3- Disposable pipettes1 - Reusable soil sampler1 - Reusable soil sifter1 - 9.5ml reusable capped measurer1 - 3 Sample Test Card1 - Instruction card..
Product Code:: GA16624
Includes the following supplies to analyze 10 soil samples10 extraction vials with reagent components1 10-sample Test Card for analyzing soil samples with the app10 disposable pipettes..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: GA16583
Living Soil Meter (Includes 10 Tests)The Ultimate Tool for Determining Soil Health and FertilityMicrobiometer® allows you to estimate the microbial biomass in your soil in 10 minutes for 10% of the cost of a lab test. Results are read and stored on your cellphone or tablet and in the cloud for ..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: IG16248
When making a hole for a Blumat sensor, most garden trowels and tools will make too big of a hole. This one—designed for specifically doing just that—is only 1" wide (11"+ long) and makes that job easy while disrupting roots as little as possible. Also great for any planting job when you want to mak..
Brand: Green China Direct Product Code:: TL15699
* The best tool for "planting" Blumat carrots* Makes it easy to repack soil mixes around Blumat sensors* Protects roots* Loosens hard-packed soil and potting mixesJust the right size for "planting" Blumat Carrots and Longs (Maxis) - and also great for repacking the potting mix around the ceramic sen..
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