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Cap Mat Accessories

Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: IG16262
We added the 5 Gallon Reservoir Bucket along with a 1/2" Bulkhead Fitting, Clamp, and Male Adapter as a convenience to customers who wanted to use one of our convenient reservoir buckets, but also have the option to have a larger water exit in order to feed more water into a gravity system.Our Bluma..
Product Code:: IG16354
Stop algae and other unwanted organism growing where you don't want them! This perforated black foil lets the water in but not the light. Essential with our Surface Blumats, also great for covering the tops of Grodan cubes and any other places where you have a moist material in light. The foil is 1 ..
Product Code:: IG16806
5 Gallon Reservoir with water level indicator By far, the main trouble people have with gravity BluMat systems comes from forgetting to refill the reservoir and letting the carrots dry out. With this simple water level indicator installed, you can see with a quick glance how soon you'll need to refi..
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