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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.


Essential tools to help you easily install and prime your Blumat system.

Product Code:: IG15785
All the parts you don't realize you'll need until you're in the middle of a job 3 hours away from the closest store...
Product Code:: IG15651
Blumat set-up instructions work fine but getting the tiny air bubbles out of the cap lets you really fine tune the setting and makes the Blumat more responsive.This Pipette makes it very easy to do that. After soaking and under water, use it to squirt water into the underside of the cap – where you ..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: IG16248
When making a hole for a Blumat sensor, most garden trowels and tools will make too big of a hole. This one—designed for specifically doing just that—is only 1" wide (11"+ long) and makes that job easy while disrupting roots as little as possible. Also great for any planting job when you want to mak..
Brand: Green China Direct Product Code:: TL15699
* The best tool for "planting" Blumat carrots* Makes it easy to repack soil mixes around Blumat sensors* Protects roots* Loosens hard-packed soil and potting mixesJust the right size for "planting" Blumat Carrots and Longs (Maxis) - and also great for repacking the potting mix around the ceramic sen..
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