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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.

Professional Quick Connects

Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: IG16113
Disconnect and reconnect 8mm lines quickly and easily without wasting any water either! The stop on either end of the Quick Connect keeps any water from coming out of the lines, and air from going in. This is great for being able to connect several different independent water supply lines...
Product Code:: IG15841
This is a professional quick connect. Use these to easily be able to disconnect your water line, while being able to have the water flow stop on both sides. Now you have the ability to disconnect your water line, and attach it to a separate water supply line. Great for being able to connect two inde..
Brand: Green China Product Code:: IG15522
This quick connect/disconnect for the Blumat 3 mm tube makes a fast, easy, and water tight connection for our 3 mm tubing. It makes it very easy to change your system, move inside or outside, change to a different part of your greenhouse or garden when you harvest older plants and start new ones. Yo..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: IG16170
Easy-to-use professional quick connect for your 3mm Blumat line...
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: IG15524
A Quick Connect that allows you to easily re-connect or disconnect from 8mm valve. This doesn't use screws or threads, instead it locks via suction and is built for industrial standards.This version doesn't come with water stop technology, meaning, once disconnected it will just keep sending water o..
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