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Spring is coming! Start the season off right with a non-electric, water-saving Blumat irrigation system!

Pre-Assembled BluSoak Systems

BluSoak systems most commonly install on large farms as each line can go up to 800 feet. They also make watering small beds and even large pots easier, less expensive, and give more even water distribution. Living soil and all systems that cultivate beneficial microbes benefit the most.  

Product Code:: IG17314
BluSoak economy system for 400 gallon fabric pot of living soil.  This kit is ideally suited to automatically water your 400 gallon fabric pot as the plant needs--without over or underwatering.Kit contains:-1x BluSoak tape fitting w/ Maxi sensor-36 feet of BluSoak hose-6x Soaker hose clamps-1x ..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: IG15805
The BluSoak Drip Tape 10' Plant Ring is a pre assembled unit ready to be connected to your Blumat sensor and is ideal for larger pots that need more water coverage. A 10' soaker hose ready to plug into a Blumat sensor - just push the tubing into the Blumat output hose and wind around..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: IG15757
This is slightly smaller version of our regular Mega BluSoak drip tape. Jacketing is now only available for the small version of Drip Tape, this BluSoak will still integrate and work with your Blumat system but requires different adpaters and fittings compared to the mega drip tape.This product incl..
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