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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.

Weninger GMBH

Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG15491
BLUMAT READY - This 3mm drip tubing readily integrates with blumats, and attaches to included tees!BLUSOAK/DISTRIBUTION DRIPPERS - This tubing will integrate drippers and/or tape to blumat systems!HIGH QUALITY - Made of silicone and extremely durable, this pliable tubing is easy to work with!RARE 3M..
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG15596
These tees are great for branching a side line of Blumats off in a different direction. They're also really good for the far middle of a loop in a hydroponic and/or grow room. If you use one of these and a valve, it makes it easy to let air and sediment out before it can cause problems...
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG14610
Extend the reach of your Blumat Juniors. Sometimes, it's best to have your water source further away from your plants than the 33" that comes with Blumat Juniors. This little kit offers 10 additional feet of tubing plus 2 coupling and a tee. The couplings allow you to extend your watering range and ..
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG15595
If you have lots of room and can easily make large, round bends; you won't need elbows. If you're in a smaller space though, they will save you lots of room and prevent kinking. See the pictures here for examples of using them to go up and down in raised beds...
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG15697
BLUMAT-READY - These valves are ready to be installed in-line in 8mm tubing in seconds!EASY CONTROL - Turn on/off water supply at the turn of a valve to your whole blumat system!HIGH QUALITY/ENDURING - Made simply & w/ care by Blumats you trust, you can expect these to last!PURGE - These work pe..
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG14609
These are great for watering long plant beds, planter boxes, and giving large plants an even amount of water in a circle around them. They connect to a Tropf-Blumat or a Maxi.This is less expensive than adding more sensors but you may need to add a filter to your system if you use nutrients in your ..
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG14613
These really help in greenhouses and raised beds. They help you neatly go around corners in your Tropf Blumat irrigation system. The right-angled elbow eliminates bends in the tubing that can limit the flow in your irrigation system. The black plastic is robust and barbed at both ends to hold the tu..
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG14615
If you're growing outside in a windy area or for any reason want to make sure your drippers don't move, these stakes will help. And good for making the tubing stay where you want it when you're making big curves - they fit both the distribution drippers and the 8 mm tubing.They're also really good i..
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG14611
These let you split off branch feeder tubes and terminate them instead of making wide loops with your feeder tube. Outside for big plants you may not need to use these but for smaller areas and greenhouses, they really help. Contains 2 tees and 2 end-pieces...
8mm Water Supply Tube for Blumats (10m, 32.8 ft) - white
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Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG15470
This is the tubing used to connect Blumat components to your water source. It's an 8 mm European style. You can also use US-style 5/16" drip tube but it's hard to find, not very flexible, and the fittings are harder to put in. To make it easier to connect to fittings, dip tubing into hot water and t..
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG15476
These are the T pieces that come included with the Tropf-Blumat sensors. You can use these to replace a broken or lost one. You can also use it to run a direct line with the distributor drippers (IG14609)...
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: IG14612
Use these to add more line for more plants as your garden grow, or get some just in case you cut into the wrong place or need fix a bad cut.The 3 pack comes in a blisterpack which is ideal for stores, storage, or for hanging up...
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