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Blumats provide an easy-to-manage, eco-friendly, water-saving irrigation solution for houseplants, home gardens and row crops.

Product Instructions/Flyers

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Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO15973
Just answer the questions on this form, send it back to us, and we can send you a complete-system quote...
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO15971
6-page color catalog showing an overview of Blumat products, design, and installation information..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO15964
A complete list of Blumat (and other) products available - ofen many that haven't gotten onto this website yet. This can make it easier to find something specific you're looking for and to see what we have without going through so many web pages...
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO15961
Seven pages of Blumat design and sizing diagrams: for gravity, pressure, raised bed, and big fabric pot graphics...
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO17007
A super accurate way to know the moisture level near your roots...
Brand: Weninger GMBH Product Code:: CO15668
How many Blumat Carrots should we use in the pot, bed, or garden size we have?This chart will give you a rough idea. "Rough" because each situation is different - the type of potting mix, the temperatures & humidity, the type of plant you're growing...The best plan might be using these numbers to st..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO15962
Comments from customers, some who have been using Blumats for more than 15 years. 10 pages..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO17006
How to use our Bonsai Blumat for small plants and trays...
Product Code:: DealerPack
Just a quick and easy way for Dealers to get there Blumat Informational goods, so they can pass it on to potential customers of interest, better emphasize Blumats in their store, and stock Blumats better overall.This Dealer Informational Packet includes:        - Blumat 2018 Color Printed Catalog - ..
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO17010
Great for dialing-in moisture levels for any plant type, the Digital Blumat is easy to use. Here are some helpful instructions...
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO17000
Blumats aren't expensive - they're an investment that quickly pays for itselfand gives amazing returns on investment...
Brand: Blumat Systems Product Code:: CO17015
French directions for how to use your Blumats...
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