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SmartBee Handheld Water Meter

SmartBee Handheld Water Meter
SmartBee Handheld Water Meter
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The SmartBee Controllers Handheld Water Content Meter is our independently operated way to spot-check the water content of your medium to develop the most effective Irrigation strategy for you. With a versatile readout unit that provides an easy and convenient way to display readings from the SmartBee Water Content Sensors. Using the SmartBee Handheld Water Content Meter in combination with SmartBee Water Content Sensor Probes, the handheld unit can be moved from Sensor location to sensor location enabling large amounts of soil moisture data to be collected from multiple sites.

The SmartBee Controllers Water Content Sensor easily inserts into a variety mediums, enabling growers and researchers to make rapid checks for optimized uniformity of growing conditions. Each reading takes less than four seconds and provides two of the most important indicators of root zone health: water content (%) and temperature (°F). The SmartBee Controllers Water Content Sensor is particularly useful in horticulture for monitoring and correcting for variations when customizing your irrigation strategy.

The SmartBee Water Content Meter can be used throughout horticulture, specifically for growers where correct growing conditions are critical to both yield and flavor. The compact sensor can be inserted directly into the growing medium with minimal disturbance to either roots or shoots, and provides information for process optimization or checking growing condition uniformity.

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