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Spring is coming! Start the season off right with a non-electric, water-saving Blumat irrigation system!

BluSoak Small Drip Tape - by the foot

BluSoak Small Drip Tape - by the foot
BluSoak Small Drip Tape - by the foot
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Sold by the foot.

Note: This BluSoak is smaller than the BluSoak Mega and requires seperate fittings to convert and use it correctly. 

The advantage of using BluSoak Small is you get less water into your system, and you can fit it into large fabric beds easier. 

20+ years of life * Curve in rows with sharp angles - no need for tees and elbows * Bury as deeply as you'd like - can't flatten and stop water flow * Great for gravity systems, only needs 3-5 psi * Unmatched water uniformity * UV and heat resistent - lasts 5 years+ in direct sun, 20-40 years if buried * Okay to leave in ground all winter

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